Become a pro: Know Shuffleboard rules

  1. Split into 2 teams.
  2. Play rock, paper, scissors; losers start.
  3. Both teams start from the same end of the table.
  4. Slide pucks one by one, until both teams have thrown all their pucks.
  5. Go to the other end of the table and count the points.
  6. Only one team gains points in each round, the other team gets 0 points. You earn points for all pucks that are ahead of the other team’s pucks. Any pucks behind the other team’s pucks give 0 points.
  7. Pucks can provide 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 points, depending on which field the puck is in.
  8. The entire puck must be in the scoring field; otherwise, the score goes to the lower number.
  9. The first team to reach 15 points wins!!!

Unlock your inner Petanque champ

  1. Split into 2 teams.
  2. Play rock, paper, scissors! The loser starts!
  3. Throw from the throwing circle.
  4. Throw the jack (the small ball) onto the court.
  5. Throw a ball as close to the jack as possible.
  6. The opposing team needs to throw theirs closer to the jack or knocks the opponent’s ball away.
  7. The team farthest from the jack continues to throw until they have a ball closer. Then the teams switch. When one team is done with their balls, the other team throws the rest of theirs.
  8. Only one team earns points in each round, the other team gets 0 points. You earn points for all balls that are ahead of the other team’s balls. Any balls behind the other team’s balls give 0 points.
  9. The winner is the team that first reaches 13 points.

5 Games, 1 Winner: Crushing It Like a Pro

  1. TEAMS:
    You organize yourselves in groups of 4-5 people.
    Each group of 4-5 people is divided into two teams,
    each consisting of 2-3 people.
    The 2-3 people on each team compete against each other in the five games.
    It is an overall competition between the two teams, spanning all five games, where each team strives to achieve better results than the other team.
    Finally, when everyone has finished playing, you can collect the scorecards with all the teams’ points and determine the team with the highest score overall.
  2. CORNHOLE: You have 5 rounds. Score points by either landing a bag on the board (one point) or putting a bag through the hole (three points).
  3. BANK SHOT SHUFFLE: You have 5 rounds. Teams play from the same end. One team with blue pucks and the other red. Taking turns sliding the puck, hitting the bank at the end and aiming for the highest score (from 1 – 5 points). Only one team gets points in each round, and the other team gets 0 points. You get points for all the pucks that are in front of the other team’s pucks.
  4. DART: You have 5 rounds. Teams take turns throwing 3 darts. When thrown, count the total score. Now the other team tries to get a higher score with their 3 darts. Any dart that misses, bounces off, or falls from the board earns no score. If a dart sticks in another dart, it counts as a throw and gets no score.
  5. FUSSBALL: Best out of 10, and the team to score the most goals by kicking the ball into the goal wins. NO SPINNING!
  6. HIT THE NAIL: Taking turns, the first team to get their nail in the wood gets 1 point and wins.

The team with the most wins out of the 5 games is the champion of the ‘5 Game Challenge’!


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