If you are booking Games and tables in the Restaurant & Bar you will need to book separate bookings for each game and a table reservation.

Shuffleboard or Petanque: You can book Shuffleboard or Petanque online for up to 24 people.

5 Game Challenge: Our 5 Game Challenge can be booked online for up to 20 people.

Bar and Restaurant Table: Reserve a table in our bar and restaurant online for up to 9 people.

Larger Groups:

Bar and Restaurant Table (More Than 9 People): If your group is larger than 9 people and you want to reserve a table in the restaurant and bar, please fill out our group booking form. This also applies if you want to combine a table reservation with games.

Shuffleboard, Petanque, or 5 Game Challenge (More Than 24/20 People): For larger groups exceeding 24 people for shuffleboard or Petanque or more than 20 people for the 5 Game Challenge, please fill out our group booking form or contact us directly for your reservation.